Beautiful silver table spoons, 750 silver, 12 loth, silver spoon, Augsburger thread, spoon, brothers Friedländer, about 1850


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The four noble table spoons with the popular Augsburger Faden decor come from the 1829 founded Berlin company Gebrüder Friedländer. The company was court jeweler at the time of Kaiser Wilhelm I.
The rare spoons are made of high quality silver and were made between 1829 and 1887. Beautiful, antique pieces of jewelry for a stylish dining table and a genuine rarity.

4 tablespoon, Augsburger thread
3 spoons punched with 750, half moon, brothers Friedländer
1 spoon hallmarked with 12 Löth Silb, brothers Friedländer
Size of teaspoons: 21 cm
Weight of the spoons: 262 grams